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22nd Aug 2007

It's made of clay!

Platypus is one of those games that stands out from the crowd. Its a shoot-em-up and reminiscent of numerous old skool games, but this one is made of clay, like completely.

Author Anthony Flack has put together a brilliant shooter which looks...

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clay shoot-em-up retro cool multiplayer
Platypus II

Platypus II

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22nd Aug 2007

Three player action!

You may as well read my Platypus review because this is more of the same, if easier. It's perhaps not quite as refined as the original, but does offer more power-ups and brilliant three player action.

If you liked the first one, buy this now....

shoot-em-up multiplayer clay cool retro
Dream Chronicles

Dream Chronicles

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21st Aug 2007

Adventures with fairies!

This is one of those simple but excellent games that anyone can play. It's simple point and click stuff, but with a lovely story and great puzzles to solve.

Some (men!) may be put off by the theme, it being magic and fairies, but don't be. With...

adventure magic fairies puzzle beautiful
Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery

Professor Fizzwizzle and the M...

Help the Professor outwit the Bat-Bots and keep the entire family entertained with over 200 levels of problem-solving fun!
Chicken Invaders 3

Chicken Invaders 3

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8th Aug 2007

Gameplay: Innovation:
Graphics: Sound:

Cluck cluck

This is one of those great games that shouldn't work, but somehow it does. Basically Space Invaders, 1942, that sort of thing, but with chickens. Surprisingly addictive.

At first I honestly thought it would be a nasty cheap rip off, but it's beautifully done, and with a lot of humour.

Basically the aim is to save the earth from the death star, err, giant egg. You have to right your way through waves of evil chickens, and the game even features decent sized end of level bosses.

If there was ever a shoot-em-up that anyone could play, it's this.

Five stars for the comedic cut scenes too!

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chicken space invaders fun shoot
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