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Author Topic: Obulis (Read 38 times)
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on: December 08, 2008, 02:41:52 am

This is a cool, kinda relaxing/frustrating puzzle game. It originally came out for Windows Mobile but they have a PC version out now too. Demo is available on the site. I've only played the mobile versions but the PC one is really just larger and more attractive visually.

It's a simple but elegant concept - You have balls on strings and you need to get them into these pots down below. When you cut the string, gravity takes over and the balls roll and bounce very realistically around the screen. It can get pretty complicated with bouncy boards, elastic bands, multiple pots that only accept the same coloured balls and so on.

It's quite relaxing when you first start out, the puzzles are pretty easy but progressively get harder and more complex. You will probably try over and over to get the higher levels completed and it's remarkably satisfying when you do.

With 150 levels, you'll probably have had enough of rolling balls around by the end. Some levels take quite some time to figure out, so after a while you may have forgotten how to do them, and enjoy playing it again later.

Overall, great fun for puzzle minded people and very nice visually. Worth a look!

Obulis Video Preview:
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