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Download size: 14.84MB
For: PC

User Reviews for Platypus

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Great game,hard to put down!!

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24th Aug 2007

Wow what a game,i had this on my PC for awhile and never even played it thinking it wouldn't be that good but it is as almost as addictive as chicken invaders 3.I loved this game and play it most days now.I think the way it looks,is well cool and even my...

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It's made of clay!

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22nd Aug 2007

Platypus is one of those games that stands out from the crowd. Its a shoot-em-up and reminiscent of numerous old skool games, but this one is made of clay, like completely.

Author Anthony Flack has put together a brilliant shooter which looks...

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If it moves, blow it out of the sky... and if it doesn't, blow it up anyway!!

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15th Jul 2007

Platypus is one of those rare games that comes along once in a blue moon... a really original twist on the old side-scrolling shooter with stunning claymation graphics that make this a visual treat!

Fast action all the way with a stunning...

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Shoot me down

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5th Sep 2007

Strap me down. Turn up the volume. Lift off!! This is one fab and funky game. The audio is hypnotic and a proud reference to a bygone retro era. The gameplay is simple, which is how all games should be. In my honest opinion. Lots of pretty colours too -...

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23rd Aug 2007

First impression from looking at this game - wow! Everything is made of clay, and it looks phenomenally cool, not to mention very different from your run of the mill shooter.

The gameplay is simple, tried-and-testing sideways scrolling...

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