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Download Fizzball
Download size: 22.01MB
For: PC

User Reviews for Fizzball

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3 0
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5th Sep 2007

Bill Oddie would love this game. It has animals. Beautiful animals, like sheep and cows and dancing monkeys (but none of the above were harmed in or during the development of the game). It is very addictive. Despite not requiring much effort from the...

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Bubbling Up!

3 0
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20th Aug 2007

If trapping defenceless animals in an enormous bubble and shaking them around is your bag, you'll love this game!

The cutesy Professor Fizzwizzle returns in this new and innovative outing, with a whole new storyline and method of gameplay to...

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The one to beat!

1 0
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24th Aug 2007

Fizzball is wonderfully cute and extremely playable. If there is only one Break Out game to own, it's this. Don't be put off by the art style, this game works for players aged from 5 to 85. Buy it for yourself AND your kids!

The premiss is...

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Bounce the ball,to rescue the animals!

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3rd Sep 2007

This is just another Breakout game but with a difference,the object of the game is to bounce the ball around collecting all the animal's,and eating/collecting the apples,the more you get the bigger the ball get's and the easier the game become's.There's...

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