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Chicken Invaders 3
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Chicken Invaders 3

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5th Sep 2007

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Bernard Matthews...

...Would benefit from a branding trip with this little game. I love it, especially when you zap the chickens and they turn in to drumsticks. Under the hood (the tech-heads will love that term), its (the game) a space invaiders clone, with the chickens. Some of the powers up are burgers. They should really be chicken burgers. I love animals, as some readers might have worked out. So this title gets the thumbs up. What I also love about this title is the whole user interface and design. It's very cute and soft. The mouse arrow - a shiny silver fork - is a subtle touch too. Twee. I like turkey twizzlers. Poor bloke that Saint Bernard; he's just an honest guy trying to make a living. Tears in the hen-house. it's KFC, button-bashing fun. Cool sound too. Games need to be supported by appropirate sound.

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