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I love to play with my 3 over friendly cats. I don't like hanging out at the mall. It smells.

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My Tribe

My Tribe

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27th Nov 2008

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Life on your desktop

Not so long ago I gave Virtual Villagers a go, but to be honest I thought it would be complete cheese. I was still opening it up several days later to help my villagers through life.

My Tribe is in the same style but from Grubby Games, the team who bought you one of the best games I've played, Fizzball.

Like Virtual Villagers, you get to help out your local tribe, only this time you get to do it your own way, giving it a much more personal feel.

It's not the fastest game in the world, but it's wierdly relaxing. And the kids love playing it too - there's not many games you get to enjoy with your children!

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Peggle Nights

Peggle Nights

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27th Nov 2008

Peggle, bah

I hated Peggle. It looked great, it sounded great, it should have been great. And it was for loads of my friends, but I hated it.

I gave Peggle Nights a quick go but it's more of the same. I guess my friends will all love it again but it...

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Blast Miner

Blast Miner

Wanna blow something up? In this physics-based game, use gasoline, dynamite and stones to cause huge explosions in your search for gold!

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physics puzzle explode cool
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